伍仟年 Chinese-Heritage Virtual Museum is dedicated to the elucidation and promotion of Chinese Classical Culture. We offer both Chinese and English language elucidations.

Classical Chinese Culture is a shared heritage not just to the Chinese, but to the world. 伍仟年 Chinese-Heritage Virtual Museum offers Classical Chinese Culture to all.

伍仟年 Chinese-Heritage Virtual Museum connects the past and the present, the curated contents on view are diverse and extensive. There are literary works, calligraphy, paintings, letters, manuscripts, books, writing accoutrements and artefacts of interests. They tell stories about history and people, the arts and artists, and the idyllic pleasures of the past.

The contents of 伍仟年 Chinese-Heritage Virtual Museum are organized and displayed in twelve designated rooms:
A. Chamber Lu-pi
B. Boat Pavilion T’ien-chi
C. Grotta Lang-huan
D. Feretory Tao-tzu
E. Perusals in the Studio of Prunus Ode:

1. Eminent Chinese and Artefacts of the Ch’ing Period 
2. Eminent Chinese and Artefacts of the Republic of China
3. The Cultural World of a Tz’u Poet
4. The Scholarly World of a Literatus
5. The Political World of a Statesman
6. Tea, Wine and Poetry: Drinking Vessels of the Literati
7. Intimate Stories of Calligraphic and Painterly Engravings
8. Voyage of Sinology from East to West

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Team: Mr. Soong Shu-kong, Mr. Mao Zuo-i, Ms. Huang Ts’ui-hua, Mr. P’eng K’ei-ying, Ms. Soong Dennie, Ms. Chou Hsin-hui, Ms. Chiang Hui-huang

Advisory:  Mr. Wu Shih-wen, Mr. Wang Hsi-ling, Mr. Liu Pen-shan, Mr. Ch’en Yung-feng, Ms. Liao Ch’ien-hui